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The Arctic is a Biome in EvoWorld.io. It is in the second westmost in the map, only being east of the Ice Cave. It is divided into 3 sub-sections: the land, ocean, and ice castle.

Food (and other Non-Playable Entities)



Ice platforms


Ice castle



The ground part is east of the Ocean part. It contains Penguins, Ladybugs and a Stone. Underground is a Lemmings cave, which extends to the Grassland part, merging with the Mice cave.


Not to be confused with the South Ocean which is in the east of the map and shares similar properties with the Arctic's Ocean. In this ocean, there are sharks, fish, and starfish (only near the bottom) but not on the same density as the ones in the mild-latitude Ocean. Floating icebergs cover most of it which means players in the ocean only have a few places to get out, which is usually exploited by predators. On the icebergs, there are penguins and dead fish. If you see a penguin swimming in the ocean, it's because someone pushed it.

Ice Castle

Home to the fearsome yeti, this structure is only accessible to smaller animals, the only predatory high tiers that can enter are the Demonic Bat, Demonic Imp, Dragon, Phoenix, and to an extent the Ghostly Reaper, so mid tiers (like hawks) are pretty safe here (you can check the leaderboard if you're really cautious). There is some bread and a penguin unguarded by the yeti, but a larger stash of bread as well as meat is guarded by it, and can be difficult to get to.

There's also a secondary entrance through the Ice Castle's underground, with a few lemmings that the Snowy Owl can snatch, and a penguin or two. A third entrance exists on the west side of the castle.

Tips & Tricks

  • Only head here once you get a Snowy Owl. You'll be forced to come here due to the fact its only sources of food is here.
    • As the next three animals, you can choose to stay here, or (if it's too crowded by creatures of a similar tier and/or there are reapers in this biome) go to the jungle biome through wormhole. You can eat meat in the ice castle or gobble animals in the nearby grassland and swamp. After Mad Bat, go through the black hole to the jungle to level up, but don't forget to watch over pterodactyls and a few higher tier animals.
  • Be careful, there are many enclosed spaces to get trapped in, and mid-high tiers are likely going to be around. Check your surroundings before heading underground. For some reason, several reapers tend to be in the Arctic or its vicinities instead of the other side of the swamp, so be careful, specially if there's a Ghostly Reaper near the Ice Castle - it can enter through the roof.


  • Icebergs typically extend deep under the water, and what is visible above the surface is only a small fraction of it. Icebergs in EvoWorld can be considered inaccurate in this regard.


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