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There are many different types of Biomes in EvoWorld.io. Here is a list of all the Biomes. Most of the names are fan-made, and are not official, though some have been mentioned in the changelog.


There are Stars there, plus other things like Cosmic Fruits, cosmic eyes and cosmic big insects wandering around Cosmic Islands; In it, gravity is different and all animals (excluding Ghost and Overfed Cosmic Bat) lose oxygen which can be given back by touching Cosmic Plants. Cosmic creatures lose oxygen more slowly and experience normal gravity. It also has Worm Holes on each side of the map that teleport you to the other one. Cosmic islands are found throughout space with larger ones at the extremes of the map, and cosmic animals such as Cosmic Insect can catch food up here.


It is above the regular land, but below space. Here gravity is normal and you don't lose oxygen. There are Clouds here where you can hide temporarily from predators or you can ambush prey. Food exclusive to the sky is uncommon, albeit in the top of some Swamp trees you can find some Ladybugs, and above the pyramid a Cat can be found.


The Grassland is the largest surface biome. The three Grasslands are scattered throughout the map but are mostly close to the center. There are trees, and sometimes holes leading underground. There are also houses and farms, which sometimes have Cats, Worms, Bread, and Pigs.There are also pools of water for players to fill up their thirst bar.


The City is in the middle of the map. and is decorated with lots of buildings. It has Bread, Cats, and Dead Fish in it. Under it is a sewage system and a cave containing Mice and Evil Rats.


The desert is on the east side of the map. It has lots of Dead Fish, a volleyball court and Snakes in it. There is a pyramid in it and another tiny one, which have bread and snakes. Below there is a Mummy, which guards a passageway below. In it, there are some Snakes, and at the end, there is some Bread and some Mice.


It is in the west of the Demonic Biome and the east of the Desert biome. There are Meat and Tyrannosauruses on the ground. Bushes and Currants are also there, making it easier to hide. The Starfruit is exclusive to this biome. There are also two caves, which contain bread, mice and another dangerous Black Widow.


The Arctic is on the west of the map. The Arctic is separated into two styles.


Two Penguins live there on the surface. A couple of Stones are also located there. The underground system is narrow and complicated, with a lot of Lemmings that live there. The underground system is also accessible to a piece of a normal Grassland, where Mice take the place with.


It is to the west of the Land. Some floating ice are above the ocean, with a lot of Dead Fish and two more Penguins on them. An Ice Castle is at the far west, with a Yeti guarding six slices of Meat and some Bread.

Pools/Water/Ocean/Underground water

Fish will normally spawn here and Dead Fish next to the water pools (except in the sewers and underground). It is a great place for a Stork and a Duck; and the only place to find food for a Seagull. In the oceans, Starfish will spawn too. You can drink water here too.

Ice Cave

The Ice Cave is on the west extreme of the map. The food you can find here is Bread, Meat, Piranhas, Mammoths, Penguins, Dead Fish, Fish and Stones. Underground you can find the Giant Rat, some more Bread, Penguins, Meat and Lemmings. The entirety of this biome is in an enclosed area save for a small ledge home to some Bread and Penguins. Mammoths guard the ground, which has some pools of water full of dangerous Piranhas. The Piranhas themselves guard Fish at the bottom of the pools. In the upper reaches of the cave are loads of Bread along with some Penguins and Meat. There is a fairly large underground area with plenty of Lemmings, Bread, and some Meat. This area is also home to the Giant Rat, which can only be eaten by the Demonic Imp and the Rreapers.


The swamp is in the west side of the map. It has some Dead Fish, Ladybugs and Frogs. It has two pools of mud which will gain water slowly and is hard to get out of (unless you are a Swamp Monster). It hides you and your name, but other people can barely see you so it is not the best place to hide from a predator.


Located between the two swamp biomes. it contains Pumpkins, a coffin and a grave, and an underground cave, where a Zombie lives. It separates the eastern swamp and the western swamp. On the left side of the graveyard is a hole that leads to the Zombie (the only way to make a Ghost evolve into a Ghostly Reaper). Above the Zombie is some Bread and Mice. On the right side is a tunnel that leads to the Pit of Fire, protected by the Fire of Death and where the Demonic Angel lives. The Pit of Fire is a huge room where the ground is constantly on fire where the only native entities you may find are the Demonic Angel and a mouse that is constantly dying to the Pit's Fire (in the Eastern part of the accessible pit). Only Reapers, the Pumpkin and the Ghost can access the Pit of Fire


The Demonic biome, also referred as the Volcanic biome, is in the east extreme of the map and has the similarity with the Underground biome of limiting vision for most animals in the cave. However, this is a huge problem here due to the lava and the Small Demons which can kill you. This biome has two lava ponds on the ground, which most animals in contact will be damaged. Demonic Eggs and Small Demons are scattered underground, with one Demonic Egg above underground.


The Underground is the name for biome that is under the land (and is usually referred to as being in the rest of the biome that is above it). In it, vision is limited unless the animal possesses a special ability that allows them to see in the dark, or the player cheats with the inspector. Torches do illuminate some of the underground's darkness.

Sewage Treatment Plant

An image of the Sewage Treatment Plant

The Sewage Treatment Plant is located beneath the city. It has many pools of hazardous Toxic Water and Evil Rats. To the east of it, two Evil Rats guard an area with a lot of Bread, a Worm and a pool of water. There are a few lamps, torches, and warning lights that light up some of the Sewage Treatment Plant.


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