The Cosmic Bat is an animal in and the fortieth animal stage a player can achieve. You can spawn in as this animal with a level 39 account or higher.

Food Chain Status


Skill name

To the Moon




In space you move naturally and lose less oxygen. If your oxygen level is low, look for Cosmic Plants.

Strategies & Tips

As a Cosmic Bat

  • The Cosmic Bat is a notoriously terrifying predator whose grotesque looks match its predatory ability. It is able to eat almost everything from the Pigeon up to the Cosmic Angry Eye, and this astral creature may dwell on the ground to hunt, specially if there are no reapers around or the account doesn't have enough XP bonus to change the food balance into non-playable entities.
  • However, meeting a reaper is problematic as Cosmic Bats yield a ridiculously high amount of XP for them. Its large hitbox means that escaping them is also difficult, especially if other animals come bumping opposite to you, cutting your rush short. As a result, do not go into the pyramid if there are Ghostly Reapers, Pumpkin Ghosts or Grim Reapers around, as one can trap you and eat you as the Cosmic Bat is too large to escape from the top. If you're being chased, head to space, so that the reaper will lose oxygen faster than you do, forcing them to come back down for air.
  • As such is also recommended to fly over space in search of Cosmic Big Insects and other Cosmic Food (Cosmic Eyes aren't Cosmic Big Eyes, by the way - they're those non-playable insectoid, one-eyed creatures located on small star-filled islands. They give a somewhat decent amount of XP, so feel free to have a bite. Cosmic Eggs yield even less, but it's easy XP, so you should eat one if you find it) which give great amounts of XP. The XP threshold for its next stage is incredibly high, so you might have to net many kills in order to evolve to the next stage (albeit with each XP level you have that gap will become easier to fill, so for high-leveled accounts, it becomes far more profitable eating just non-playable entities, with maybe just making an exception for another player as cosmic prey).
  • Use your large hitbox to an advantage to trap prey.
  • If you are close from evolution, sticking to the west of the map might be advised, to prepare yourself to your upcoming state as a Ghost (however, as the Ghost is immortal, you can evolve anywhere without risking death). However, when reapers are common in the server, it's preferable to stick to other islands, since for some reason most reapers tend to dwell near the Arctic and a few exploring reapers tend to check those islands (and the one above the lava biome) for cosmic animals.
  • Once you evolve into the Overfed Cosmic Bat, you will be frozen in place and steadily lose HP as if you were out of water and/or oxygen, but don't panic! This is part of the transition into a Ghost.

As the prey of a Cosmic Bat

  • Befitting of its appearance, it's a particularly deadly foe that will most definitely play an exclusively offensive approach. Run!
  • Use its big hitbox as an advantage. Head to the underground/cave areas where it can't enter (that includes the narrower parts of the floating island system). Watch out for other predators and water levels, though, and oxygen levels, if you decided to go to space.
  • If your next stage is not on the prey list, such as a Hornet, try to level up quickly so that you get a chance to escape.
  • If all else fails, go for the nearest cloud or bush and hide until the Cosmic Bat’s patience wears out, since you are effectively suspended and immune to all player- or NPC-inflicted damage. However, make sure to replenish water, and make a dash for it as soon as you can.

As the predator of a Cosmic Bat

  • As a reaper, especially a Pumpkin Ghost, it can be hugely profitable to target a Cosmic Bat. It yields great amounts of experience, which can greatly contribute to your ascension to the final stage!
  • However, as with the rest of the cosmic entities, be mindful that it retains oxygen better in space and has better movement. Attempt to target one drinking water or eating in a narrow cave if you can.
  • If it evolves, use your ability to kill the animals when its health bar turns red. This is a glitch in the game.


  • The Cosmic Bat's true next stage is the Ghost, as the Overfed Cosmic Bat is merely a transitional stage that cannot do anything for a few seconds.
  • The Cosmic bat used to be the apex predator and was on the top of the food chain.

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