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The Demonic (a.k.a. Volcano or Hell) is a Biome in EvoWorld.io. It is in the extreme east of the map.





Note: Only shows the part of the space above the Biome. Stars are out of the list because they are now no longer in the food chain system.


Large ponds of lava are both on the ground and in the underground area. Any animal except the demonic animals (such as demonic egg eater, demonic bat, and demonic imp) and the Phoenix will lose health when in lava.

Demonic Eggs are everywhere underground but guarded with Small Demons and one unguarded on the ground. Also, stones scatter everywhere on the ground.

A large floating island is above this biome in space.

Strategies and Tips

  • This place is one of the safest places around for demonic creatures, since most Reapers can't go down there or they'll get stuck and die of dehydration. This doesn't apply to Ghosts (though they can't harm you) or Ghostly Reapers though. This is uncommon for a reaper to be down there but be on alert as it will be devastating to lose your exp at such a high tier. If you're a demonic creature, you're pretty safe here, just watch out for reapers and small demons.


  • This is currently the only biome with ground but without any water, and the second deepest biome, only being surpassed by the Pit of Fire.

Part of the word “HELLO :)”, along with the out-of-reach Frog.

Another part of the word “HELLO :)”.

  • There is an Easter Egg in this biome: When you swim to the bottom-west lava, you can see the word “HELLO :)”, along with an out-of-reach Frog.


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