Not to be confused with Demonic Bat.
The Demonic Imp is an animal in and the thirty-fourth animal stage a player can achieve. You can spawn in as this animal with a level 33 account or higher.

Food Chain Status

NOTE: asterisk (*) means that both animals can eat and hurt each other.

Can be eaten by:


Skill name

Burn in hell




You have a 33.33% (1/3) chance to set a prey on fire (only players). If your prey is burning, then every second; it loses 5% of max health. The only way to extinguish the fire is to drink water or go into mud. You can also swim and quench your thirst in lava.

Strategies & Tips

As a Demonic Imp

  • Now you have two choices — kill people to earn exp or head to the Ice Castle, Underground and the Pyramid for the Yeti, Black Widow and Mummy respectively. You can choose either one depend on your style — if you want to play with an aggressive style or if you want to kill bosses instead. However, if you cannot choose, here is the guide — if there are multiple Demonic Imps (this is fairly common), the former one is better, there will always be players around to kill. (Otherwise, you will be going around the map all the time), otherwise, the later one is better (you never guarantee you can always kill animals due to the small damage output). Bosses also gives a ton of exp per kill.
  • On the off chance a reaper spots you, head underground to evade it. Reapers can't fit in tight passageways.
  • Try to camp out in the Arctic biome. The Yeti in the ice castle is a massive EXP pool, and will be a big help when you are trying to evolve. There are also 3 Woodpeckers close by: One on the dead tree in the Arctic biome, one on the tree on the small patch of grass, and one on the the tree at the very edge of the Swamp biome, though these give little XP, they are the only non-boss, non-playable entity you can eat. In addition, you can try eating a Mummy or Black Widow, but you may travel far and wide just to find them already eaten. Still, they're worth tons of XP if you eat them. Try eating them if the Yeti is currently not present and there are not very many edible players nearby. You are also small enough to fit into the lemming burrows, and can be useful in trapping prey in the narrow tunnels. Many strong players come here, so the prey you trap in tunnels is likely to be a Snowy Owl or Mad Bat. Reapers also often come here, but you can easily lose them in those same tunnels, as, again, reapers cannot fit inside them.

As a Swamp Monster

  • If you are confident enough in the swamp, kill it. If it touches you, it is going to be poisoned. That way, if it is in the swamp, it will be killed by you.
  • That doesn’t mean it cannot kill you — you can also be set on fire, so stay alert!
  • Staying in the swamp gives you an advantage. Swamp stops fire but not poison, so you'll have an edge over the demonic imp.

As a prey of Demonic Imp

  • There is only one thing to do — run! It has a 33% chance of setting you alight, and can eat a wide range of animals, from the Pigeon to the Swamp Monster. Fire from the demonic imp burns you very quickly; 5% of your max health per second. This means that animals at full health have 20 seconds to reach water, barring regeneration.
  • Stay near pools of water; if you're in it, a demonic imp will do much less damage, as it generally relies on its burn to kill prey.
  • If you're close to the swamp, you can use it to extinguish the fire. Just don't become trapped in the mud.
  • The body damage done by it is fairly low so you'll have a chance to escape 1-2 hits.
  • Do not attempt to go underground; the demonic imp can fit in narrow passageways. There is less water underground, so you will likely die if attempting it as an escape route. The exception is if you can see underground, in which case this is a good option because the demonic imp will likely lose you in the darkness.

As a predator of Demonic Imp

  • Chances are you won’t see a Demonic Imp in an uncrowded server, but if you find one, try to eat it — it yields great amounts of exp.
  • Ghostly Reaper, Pumpkin Ghost and Grim Reaper can stalk this animal in the Pyramid. If it's in the open, chase it anyway, unless it hides underground. The lengthy chase will reward a ton of exp.


  • It is the first animal to have a realistic finish.
  • Demonic Imps and Swamp Monsters generally ignore each other.
  • It is one of the few animals that can deal damage to both another besides reapers (excluding Stone Eaters because they eat the same species).

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