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The Desert is a biome in EvoWorld.io. It is located in the eastern half of the map directly to the right of the ocean. One large and one small pyramid as well as a volleyball court are located here.







The Desert is a biome with great biodiversity. It contains cats, mice, dead fish and living fish as well as predators like Sharks, Snakes, and the Mummy.

There are two pyramids, one big and one small. The small one is only accessible by exiting the underground path of the large pyramid guarded by the aforementioned Mummy. In between the two pyramids is a Volleyball Court.

Volleyball Court

In between the two pyramids is a Volleyball Court. The pole has a volleyball on top that can only be hit by reapers. To hit the volleyball, a reaper has to use their ability, which will send the ball in the direction they're facing and up a little. They can also interact with it by flying underneath it, lifting it in the air. The volleyball despawns if it lands outside the sand in the volleyball court or travels too far from the volleyball court. It will respawn on the pole instantly.

The pole itself serves as a wall, but non reapers can't interact with the ball. The sand is slippery, similarly to icebergs in the Arctic. On either side are two droplets that will fully replenish your water.


  • The Pyramid is currently the tallest building in the map, almost reaching the boundary with space.


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