The Duck is an animal in and the seventh animal stage a player can achieve. You can spawn in as this animal with a level six account or higher.

Food Chain Status


Skill name





You can stay longer under water.

Hidden Effect

Your speed and visibility in water is increased compared to other animals.

Strategies & Tips

As a Duck

  • It eats the same food as the pigeon with the addition of fish. Use this to your advantage.
  • The Duck received a boost in the 13/06/2018 update. It is now one of three animals that can stay underwater for far extended periods of time (without counting the Ghost which can stay theoretically forever under anything), and has a fast swim speed, with the Seagull and Pelican being the others. This allows it to stick to water fields reliably and eat its way towards Blue Bird without having to worry about its water level. Ducks may have to face competition with other Ducks, Seagulls or Pelicans for food, but there are usually plenty of water areas around, so it's usually easy to find one with fish inside - except if the Server is really crowded.
  • As a result, it is preferable to head towards any of the oceans for plenty of fish - but beware of sharks (and the eventual reaper)!
  • Don't stay underground, your larger hitbox means it's easier to become trapped down there.
  • You can also use the same strategy as the Pigeon, sticking around the city biome or gobbling up worms.

As the predator of a duck

  • Given that a duck will be usually targeting fish, it can be a good idea to sit on top of an underwater duck to inflict severe damage as a predator. This only applies if the avian is in shallow water.
    • Just be careful, because it can swim away faster than you can.
  • If a duck has chosen to farm underground, you can try to trap it down there. However, this is not likely because it can eat fish.


  • It is the first animal with a hitbox that is 2 blocks by 1 block. This restricts its movement underground slightly.

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