The Dung is a non-playable entity in

Food Chain Status

Can eat:

  • N/A

Can be eaten by:


Is occasionally spawned from Pigs and Cats.

Remains stationary on its own. Is affected by gravity and can be pushed by other animals.


  • If you are bored, you can just create a "Cat Dung Throne". Wait for a cat to spawn and spawn a dung, eat the cat, and push the dung out of its range. Then wait a little while for it to spawn again and spawn another dung. Do this repetitively and create a nice dung throne you can sit on! Remember that a cat can only spawn six dungs at a time, even if it is killed and reappears.
    • Also try to protect your throne from hungry Flies and Swamp Monsters. Thus, it's recommended to use a high tier animal like a Cosmic Bat.

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