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Welcome to the official EvoWorld.io wiki! This wiki holds almost every aspect and element of the game and we will continue to grow and gather all of these aspects and elements to give the best and most information possible about the game.

Feel free to edit any page if you think something is missing, incorrect, etc. We would appreciate it.

What is EvoWorld.io?

EvoWorld.io, formerly named "FlyorDie.io" is a simulation .io game created solo by Pixel Voices about animals (named "characters" in the game) eating to evolve into the ultimate animal. With every evolution, you will be a different animal which has its own skills and abilities to help you in your journey. Learn more

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3 Recent Updates

September 8, 2022
- From now players can change pets during the game

July 27, 2022
-💎Due to recent servers issues, each player received 100 gems!💎

July 1, 2022
- Added pets for premium users
- New food: crab, beehive, strawberry
- New skins: Captain... View full changelog