EvoWorld.io Wiki

Here is the list of all Staff members of EvoWorld.io Wiki and their rights.

Staff members

Only the highest staff right is shown in the list below. The list starts with staff with the most rights and ends with staff with the least rights (but still more than the average member).



Content Moderator

Discussions Moderator

  • n/a

Staff Powers


Bureaucrats have full power and head the Wiki. They can grant and remove almost all kinds of rights.


Administrators have both Content Moderator and Discussions Moderator’s rights, and can grant Discussion Moderator rights. Administrators also can edit MediaWiki.

Content Moderators

Content Moderators are users who have been granted both Content Moderator and Discussions Moderator rights. This allows them to edit and move already protected pages, protect pages, delete and undelete pages.

Discussions Moderators

Discussions Moderators are trusted users who have been granted Discussions Moderator rights. It allows them to delete and edit comments, as well as edit, close and remove threads in user's Message Walls. With the addition of Discussions, they can moderate that as well by locking posts, moving them, or deleting them.