The Ghostly Reaper is an animal in and the forty-third animal stage a player can achieve. You can spawn in as this animal with a level 42 account or higher.

It's the fourth animal with skins, being preceded by the Fly and followed by the Pumpkin Ghost.

Food Chain Status

NOTE: The asterisk (*) means that both entities can harm and hurt each other. The "#" means that you don't get xp from it.


Skill name

Scythe attack




You throw your scythe to kill prey (all kinds of prey). (This is the only method to kill prey.)

Damage output

25% of the prey’s max health (excluding Demonic Angel, when it will do little damage).

Cooldown time

0.5 seconds

Hidden effect

You have full vision in the dark. You can quench your thirst in the Fire of Death.

Strategies & Tips

As a Ghostly Reaper

  • Now, it's time to check the Demonic Angel has spawned and you know how to kill it. If not, you'll be forced to acquire an extremely offensive playstyle, since the Scythe will only give you xp from players or that boss. However, the Scythe also drains any living creature's health to give it to you, so being near a croc or any other living Entity may give you the edge when fighting another being with a Scythe. Use your surroundings in your favor, that's your strongest point against both prey and predator.
  • When being hunted, it's a good tactic to collide with a player/entity casually moving around in order to perform a sharp turn and give you extra time and distance, that is, if you don't want to fight or the other reaper is not immediately behind you.
  • Also, its hitbox is tiny, so it can travel into tight spaces (even into the Demonic Biome, the Ice Castle and the Grassland's Black Widow cave). This, combined with your full vision in the dark, makes haunting the undergrounds, pyramids and castles on the hunt for unsuspecting prey that carelessly wanders in the dark (or that don't expect one of you in there because most entrances are too narrow) a tempting strategy.
  • When fighting other reapers, try to get on top of it. You'll be out of range of an attack, but you can attack them. If you're daring, attack higher level reapers to gain exp very quickly (and in the underground, like the pyramids, to become a Pumpkin while wielding the xp of a Pumpkin Ghost so as to get extra xp from eating a pumpkin in order to shorten greatly the xp needed to become Grim Reaper (or to directly become a Grim Reaper without being one); all of that by exploiting the anti-stuck system), but be careful, their attacks do higher damage and have more range.
  • A reaper cannot kill an Overfed Cosmic Bat anymore, so don't waste your time trying to kill an Overfed Cosmic Bat.
  • You no longer take damage from Fire of Death and can go down the second fire of death hallway. The Demonic Angel lives here and will give you a million XP if you kill it (and a fraction of it if you team up), though this is very hard. The Demonic Angel also takes an hour to respawn, so you may find that it's not there. You can check the timer to see how long it'll be until it respawns. Be very careful about not getting killed by the Demonic Angel (or other reapers interested in the hunt) and do not attempt to kill it unless you are a really good player. Use your size and the ability to quench your thirst from the Fire of Death to keep in good condition and avoid being hit by the boss, since each time you get out of its lair Demonic Angel's Health bar will replenish.
  • Ghostly Reaper players used to be able to kill the zombie to prevent ghosts from leveling up. This was patched due to people abusing it.

Against a Ghostly Reaper

  • Run! The only predators of this animal are itself, the Pumpkin Ghost and the Grim Reaper, making it a particularly formidable foe.
  • Be careful as a Ghostly Reaper with your higher level predators, as they can do greater damage with their scythes that what you can do to them in return, so unless they are low in health, not very talented in Scythe fighting, or they are afk, attacking one of them alone is suicide.
  • Use non playable entities or low level players to gain hp if you're running low on it.
  • Grim Reapers and Pumpkin Ghosts might also choose to camp in the swamps to track Ghosts and block part of the exit for when they become Ghostly Reapers (however, this strategy will not longer work because now there are multiple exits that allow Ghostly Reapers to move freely).
  • If you can't see underground, don't travel underground unless extremely necessary (or when you know the path is narrow enough to allow you to move but not the predator). You never know when a spooky predator will ambush you and kill you while you flail in panic.


  • Although the Ghostly Reaper is listed as can eat all living creatures, it cannot eat the Ghost (it is immortal).
  • Before, if the XP percentage bonus was high enough, this stage could be completely skipped upon consumption of the zombie, but now it's not applicable.
  • The Ghostly Reaper used to be able to kill the Zombie, but this was removed to prevent players from preventing Ghosts from leveling up.

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