The Hornet is an animal in and the eighteenth animal stage a player can achieve. You can spawn in as this animal with a level 17 account or higher.

Food Chain Status

Asterisk '*' means the hornet can either eat or be eaten by this animal


Skill name





You have a 25% chance to sit on a prey (poison a prey) (players only). If the prey is poisoned it lose 2% of its max health every second. The only way to be detoxed is to drink water.

Strategies & Tips

As a Hornet

  • The Hornet used to have zero predators. Now, the reapers and maroon bird can eat it, but that's not likely to happen, so it is great to roam around the land to eat as much food and prey as you can.
  • Berries and currants might be tedious to farm and collect due to their low amount of experience yielded. As a result, it might be more advisable to play more aggressively and chase down player-controlled animals as only the reapers and maroon bird are harmful to you.
  • You can go into the castle and try to corner a bat, since they can sometimes be found there, and they give good xp.
  • Stay away from water because animals can use it to detox themselves if you poison them. Try staying underground or in the swamp. If you do poison an animal, follow it. It will head straight for the water where you can land on top of it and kill it.
  • When engaged in a fight with a Maroon Bird, get on top of it so it can’t use it’s Swoop ability on you. If you poison it you will likely be the winner of the battle.

As the prey of a Hornet

  • Following the advice above, run if you see a Hornet! As it knows only the reapers as predators in-game, the only risk it can face is having its water depleted. The damage it inflicts, however, appears to be somewhat low, which can allow for prey to have higher chances of survival.
  • Stay close to a body of water if you see one. This will allow you to detox yourself if it stings you.

As the predator of a Hornet

  • If you see one, go for it. This is a very rare chance to kill it, and it'll feel rewarding to kill an animal that once had no predators.
  • Don't go into a lengthy chase though, you have much better exp sources. If you see an animal at raven or above, stop the chase and go for it instead.
  • As a Maroon Bird, get on top of the Hornet. Use your Swoop ability to deal high damage to it and stay close to a body of water. Beware of other predators however.

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