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The Jungle is a biome in EvoWorld.io. It is located on the far east of the map, between the desert and demonic biomes.


Above ground




Starfruit grow high in the trees and clouds are high. It has three Tyrannosaurus guarding four slices of meat.

The only pool of this biome is actually a secret entrance to a small cave. Another one is near slightly to the west and has meat next to it, and has a big, vast cave that is home to the second Black Widow. There is also a very small pool of water between the jungle and Demonic biomes. Underground at the Black Widow's lair, there is a small pool of water that is covered by Cobwebs.


  • While the Pterodactyl Child can eat Sharks and Crocodiles, the Jungle is generally the safest place to go as it is far from most predators and the food can't eat the Pterodactyl Child.
  • Parrots can also eat starfruit, so if you're near the jungle as that Animal, head there. It is generally a bad idea to go all the way there as a parrot if you're far away from the Jungle
  • There is a rock with several ladybugs at the end of the jungle biome, so dragonflies can also go there, because there are some ladybugs on the leaves of the jungle trees too.
  • Phoenixes can also enjoy snacking on Tyrannosauruses, a food exclusive to them and the reapers.


  • This is the only Biome that has two individual underground systems at one biome (caves aren't connected).

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