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This article contains Spoilers.

Leveling is a system in EvoWorld.io that rewards XP gaining in-game with level increases, which has a reward of a percentage increase of XP gain every level. In addition, levels allow you to spawn in with higher tier animals (for a limited amount of times).


The XP percentage boost table, showing a Level 8 Premium user, with an active bonus code.

You will need a registered account with a username and a password in order to benefit from this system.

As you play and amass XP, it is automatically allocated to your account. As a result, quitting the game while your animal is still alive does not make you waste any XP gained. When you earn enough XP, you gain a level. Completing Daily Quests can also allow you to gain XP toward your account.

Ways to increase XP Gained

  • Every level a user gains increases their XP gain by 10%.
  • Using Bonus Codes, you can make your XP increase larger.
  • With a Premium Account, you can boost the XP percentage by an additional 50%.
  • Watching an ad boosts it by an additional 30% (doesn't apply if you have a Premium Account).
  • Rare special events will sometimes give you an XP boost.

Only XP gained through eating entities and other animals counts towards leveling. Your account gains full amount of XP from any food, even when your animal's XP gain is cut off by evolution. XP already present upon spawning after death is not taken into account.

For each level, you can spawn in as one animal higher, maxing out at level 44 with the Grim Reaper. With a level one account, you can spawn in as Butterfly, as a level two, you can spawn in as a Mosquito, etc. There is a limited number of times you can use this however, which is displayed on the main menu. You gain two of these "uses" per day up to a maximum of three total uses (renewed every 12 hours). Spawning as a Fly isn't limited by these "uses". In fact, if you choose an unavaliable animal or if you have already "used" all of these three uses, you will spawn as a Fly.

For each level you achieve, you also receive a certain number of gems. For the first ten levels, the number of gems is ten, but for the next ten levels, this amount doubles to twenty. Every ten levels results in the number of gems received getting doubled.

Leveling & Experience

The formula for XP thresholds is the following polynomial sequence:


Therefore, every level increase adds the following amount of XP required to level up:


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Following an polynomial curve, there is virtually no cap to the maximum level one can achieve, however, it becomes harder to gain levels the more they are gained, as the polynomial increase of XP far outweighs the percentage bonuses obtained from level gaining. For example, to reach level 50, you need approximately 31 american billion XP (31 thousand million XP, for those not familiarized with the differences between american measurements and european measurements), while to reach level 100, you need slightly more than 1 american trillion XP (1 "european" billion XP), which represents more than 30 times more XP. The XP needed for each level is shown to the right.


  • A person's level shows up next to their name when playing. A player with no account shows up as 0.
  • Levels are different colors.