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This article is about a feature that is only given to the Premium Accounts.
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This article contains Spoilers.

The Shop, where you can buy Gems and Premium Accounts

Premium Accounts are accounts that give you special benefits.


The Premium Accounts cost Gems to buy, which can be obtained in three ways: Purchasing them with real-life money (prices shown below), finding them in game, or through special events. In-game gems spawn randomly around the maps. To obtain gems, you must make an account.

In-game gems will likely be in very unlikely locations like space, underground caves, or faraway biomes. Any gems that spawn in areas with a lot of animals will get collected right away. If you're searching for gems, getting a Ghost can be helpful because you can't die and have full vision. Just keep in mind, however, that finding gems in game is unreliable and will probably get you nowhere in the very-short term.

Players can receive gems for leveling up their account. It starts with ten gems, but for every ten (nine in the first levels) levels, the amount doubles (so for 1-9, the user receives 10 gems, for 10-19, the user receives 20 gems, for 20-29, the user receives 40 gems, etc).

During the holiday season, presents located under Christmas trees will give a random number of gems upon contact (if you know the exact range, please comment or contact a staff member). This can be done once every hour. You are unable to do this as a Ghost to prevent gem abusing. All presents have a connected cool down, so you can't collect gems from all presents on the map within a quick span. There is a limit to the number of times you can do this. After reaching this limit, a message will inform you that you can't collect gems from presents anymore.

During the 2021 Easter event, Rabbits would spawn that would give 1 gem upon killing them. A maximum of 300 gems could be obtained this way.

Special events occur rarely, and usually around holidays. So far, there have only been three special events listed below:

  • The holiday season of 2019/2020 where each player was gifted 50 gems
  • Halloween 2020 where each player was gifted 100 gems
  • December 2nd, 2020 where each player was gifted 100 gems to celebrate the renaming of the game
  • Also December 2nd, 2020, where the game naming contest ended and the author of the winning name got 5000 gems, with 4 other people getting 1000 gems for having suggestions that were "interesting to the developer".


Cost for Gems

Note: All prices are in US dollars.

Expand to reveal gem price
Price Gems Price per 50 Gems
$1.99 90 $1.11
$3.99 200 $1.00
$7.99 500 $0.80
$12.99 1000 $0.65
$24.99 2000 $0.62
$49.99 5000 $0.50

Cost for Premium Accounts

Expand to reveal Premium Account price
Gems needed Days Premium Accounts last Gems needed per day
60 7 8.6
200 30 6.7
460 90 5.1
850 180 4.7

You can also get an only one time free trial for 1 day.

Benefits of Premium Accounts

  • You play without ads.
  • You gain 50% more experience in game.
  • You can do third daily quest.
  • When you die, you lose 10% less exp.
  • Your nick in the game is bold (It appears like this).
  • You can hide in clouds or bushes up to 30 minutes without dehydrating.
  • You can join full servers.
  • You play with an exclusive Grim Reaper skin.