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Space, also known as Cosmos, is a Biome in EvoWorld.io. It is above the regular land and the Sky.


Note: Stars are out of the list because it is now no longer in the Food Chain System. Also note that all food is found on floating islands.


In it, gravity is different (except for cosmic animals) and all animals (excluding Ghost) lose oxygen (albeit cosmic animals lose it at a lower rate) which can be given back by touching Cosmic Plants.

It is actually a good place for traveling long distances, as long as the player occasionally dips down for oxygen and flies under desolate islands, due to the fact that players usually don't go up there to hunt other players, and there's no obstacles other than desolate islands.

Stars are everywhere in the space, with higher concentration on populated floating islands.

Island Map

Quite a few floating islands are scattered in space:

Big Islands: they have everything: Cosmic Plants, caves, bread, Cosmic Fruit trees, Cosmic Big Insects and Cosmic Big Eyes. There are two big islands, located near the Black Holes (at the borders of the map). The Northern Island has a more pronounced geography, with some meat in a more-complex cave system, while the Southern one has a flatter upper surface and a simpler but bigger cave system (big enough for Cosmic Angry Eyes, and with two entrances, good to avoid being trapped by a reaper).

Desolate Islands: those have exactly the opposite: nothing that can be permanently there (apart from stars), no cave system, and they have a flat upper surface. That doesn't mean that it's devoid of life, a Cosmic Big Insect (24 blocks wide; one above the church with the stone's castle) or a Cosmic Eye with its Egg (only 11 blocks wide; one above the first gargoyle in the right in the Swamp biome, one at the left of the Grassland's Black Widow cave, another at the right-top of the Big Pyramid) may be roaming those.

Cosmic Plant Islands: basically a desolate island that developed a cosmic plant. Most of them are devoid of other life, however, so they are only good for restocking oxygen without leaving space (one above the pig farm at the right of the city).

Cosmic Tree Islands: those flat-on-the-surface islands have 1 Cosmic tree that stores three Cosmic fruits. They can possess a Cosmic Plant (one in the exact center of the map (above the city), one in the limit between the Swamp and the main Grassland body) and have a width of 13-26 blocks, or be completely devoid of any vegetation and be 12 blocks wide (one above the limit between desert and jungle biomes).


The easter egg

  • You may spot multiple Moons in the space. This does not make sense in real life, as the Earth has only one moon.
  • Even though it is daylight, no suns are visible in space, but other Stars are visible.
  • There was an easter egg in the westmost part of space, where the blocks form a simple person with a smiley face, embedded in the Server Barrier. This does not exist anymore.
  • Space presents the first non-playable entity a player can find with an orange outline (Cosmic Big Insect, and only for the Cosmic Angry Eye), that is, both can damage each other. The only other known orange-outlined non-playable entity is the Ghostly Angel, for the Reapers.
  • Albeit floating islands are pretty common, a majority of players believe they are pretty scarce. This player's belief is mostly based on that not many players tend to explore the space for long enough periods of time (most creatures lose oxygen relatively fast so they can't explore it properly, Cosmic Animals are more concerned about not being hunted by the Reapers or a bigger cosmic animal, and most Ghosts tend to get bored after a while of exploring without being able to interact with almost anything, or go directly into the Graveyard biome).
  • The cosmic tree's sprite is actually inclined two-three degrees clockwise, enough to spot where the sprite ends at the base of the tree.
  • Cosmic Animals fall much faster in space (however, the same speed they fall in the normal Sky) than normal animals.


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