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The Swamp is a biome in EvoWorld.io that is located to the west in the map.




See Graveyard and Pit of Fire.


The swamp biome is a pool of mud with nothing at all. Two crocodiles spawn along the swamp, each guarding its side. On each side, there is a Dead Fish and some Frogs.

The Underground is a tunnel labyrinth, full of mice and some bread, where a zombie guarding the only water in this Biome is connected at the West side with a tunnel guarded by the Fire of Death (which leads to the Pit of Fire) in the East. Unless you are a Stone Eater, a Demonic Imp, a Phoenix, a Cosmic Angry Eye/Cosmic Bat or you are already above the Ghost, avoid touching the zombie (in the case of the Ghost, eating it will trigger your transformation into the Ghostly Reaper). Unless you want to die, you are above the Ghost, or you are immortal, avoid any exposure to the Fire of Death.

Tips & Tricks

  • This is a great place for Storks, Pelicans, Owls, and even Falcons since there are a lot of frogs. Storks can use their ability to find frogs in the mud too.
  • Pterodactyls can eat the crocodiles in the swamp, which provide a decent amount of xp. Their evolution is the Swamp Monster, which, as the name implies, should also stick around the swamp to farm dead fish and frogs and to trap animals who've gotten themselves stuck in the mud.
  • This is not a good place for low tier animals, unless you're a stork or a pelican, since many higher end predators will be around, and you won't have much prey. NEVER go into the mud unless you're a stork and then do so only when it's completely safe. It's already hard enough to get out and if another animal (besides a ghost) lands on you, it's game over, even if it's a trolling fly.

Inaccessible cave visible from under the graveyard (currently it's been connected by a tunnel that leads to the Pit of Fire)

Right corner of the inaccessible cave, visible from the bottom of the mud lake. Now it's known to be part of the at-the-time incomplete Pit of Fire


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