The Swamp Monster is an animal in and the 41st animal stage a player can achieve. You can spawn in as this animal with a level 41 account or higher.

This is the first imaginary animal who can either eat or be eaten by another animal.

Food Chain Status

It can eat:

It can be eaten by:

Note: * means the Swamp Monster can either eat or be eaten by that animal.


Skill name





You have a 100% chance to poison a prey (players only). (If a prey player touches you it is going to be poisoned.) If a prey is poisoned then every second it loses 3% of max health. The only way to be detoxified is to drink water.

Hidden Effect

The Swamp Monster regenerates water and swims faster in mud.

Strategy & Tips

As a Swamp Monster

  • You can choose several hot spots for your food: the swamp is the most known with the most abundant food, plus all your essentials are located there. If you don’t want to go to the Swamp biome, try to find a place with more players or more dead fish. If you want more players to eat, the City is a great choice. If you rather eat non-playable food, there's the Arctic and the Desert, with quite a few dead fish that can help you evolve and further from the Graveyard than the swamp.
  • You can either eat Dead Fish and Frog, both have a acceptable amount of experience, and you can even eat them in ONLY TWO BITES (and it used to be one)! This is especially good for those who want to eat faster.
  • You can also move faster in the swamps, which is great for hunting animals who got stuck in the swamp or are farming there (storks). The damage output you have is very low. However your ability to poison a player in a 100% chance makes hunting in the swamp effortless.
  • You quench your thirst in the mud faster than other players do, so if your water level is low, don’t fear the swamp, just go into it. It doesn’t mean that you won’t lose oxygen, however, so do not linger in the mud too long.
  • Just make sure there are no Reapers and other predators around you — they can eat you. You can trap them in the mud, however, if you are good enough to do this.
  • Also, you can be eaten by the Crocodile, so make sure to stay clear from it when you are hunting for Dead Fish and Frog.
  • If you spot a Demonic Imp, ignore it — you may be the killed one if you chase it! However, it is benefical to kill a greatly damaged Demonic Imp who healthbar is low, but this is very rare (and since your body damage is greater than the one of a Demonic Imp, and your ability is more reliable than the Demonic's Imp burn, if you make one of them collide with you, it's more possible that the Imp is the only one truly damaged). Also note that while swamp mud extinguishes fire, it does not neutralize poison, use this to your advantage.
  • You can use bushes and clouds as spots to poision/ambush prey- just enter the refuge, then click to get outside of it. In the case of the bushes, you can hide behind the bush but not inside it so prey don't notice you or their poisoning until they leave the bush.-, just be careful of predators doing the same thing.

As a Demonic Imp

  • It may harm you, and you may be the killed one due to its ability to poison you! Ignore it.
  • If you spot a greatly damaged Swamp Monster, however, it is the best opportunity to kill it. Beware it will poison you, so quickly head to the water after you kill it.
  • If you light it one fire, which you have a 33% chance of doing, it'll take more damage than you will.

As a prey of Swamp Monster

  • Be wary of the Swamp Biome when you spot a Swamp Monster in the leaderboard. In the Swamp Biome, there is no clean water to detox you (the mud in the swamp cannot detox you, and the only available water is protected by a zombie in the graveyard).
  • If you are in the Swamp Biome and you spot a Swamp Monster, run! If it hits you, you are going to be poisoned, and you'll have to go for a long way for clean water to detox you.
  • Don’t try to save yourself by trapping it to the mud — it moves quickly in the mud, like you in clean water. You will get poisoned too, and it may kill you before you can escape from the mud if you happen to fall in!

As a predator of Swamp Monster

  • Given a large hitbox, you can chase one if it in a tower or other buidling rather than in Swamp Biome.
  • If it is in the Swamp Biome, it's in its native biome, and will be harder to kill — it may even kill you by trapping you in the mud! Be careful.
  • While difficult, it is possible to trap a Swamp Monster in the mud. DON'T fly on top of it and trap it, you could fall in and get stuck yourself. However hover above it, you're still faster than it in the air than it is in the swamp. It'll have to come out and you can kill it.


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