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Part of the underground system as well as the inaccessible cave, which has now been replaced by the Pit of Fire.

The Underground is a Biome in It is commonly referred to as being in the biome above it, and the caves within are not all connected to eachother. Most animals have reduced vision underground. Each tab is an underground section that is not connected to others via caves. Note: Underwater locations and the Pit of Fire do not count

Food (and other Non-playable Entities)

Strategies & Tips

  • This is a good place for higher tier Animals to ambush prey. The reduced visibility combined with narrow corridors will make it hard for prey to escape. With that said, avoid this biome as a lower tier animal.
  • Animals with full visibility underground should go here as they have a massive advantage over other animals. Just be careful of other animals with the same ability.
  • Animals with large Hitboxes may have their movement restricted underground. As one of these animals, don't go underground, prey will retreat to safety and you may become trapped. As a prey with a small hitbox, hide underground if you're getting chased by a predator with a large hitbox.

Animals with partial vision underground

Note: These animals will lose some visibility, but retain a decent amount of it, enough that navigation is not a huge issue. An * symbol means it only applies to underwater areas (like groundwater or the deep ocean). This assumes you're not cheating using an inspector.

Animals with full vision underground


Torches illuminate part of the underground areas allowing players without full vision underground to see parts they normally can't see.

Pit of Fire

This is connected to the underground system but not considered to be part of the underground biome because only reapers can go here. This biome has the Fire of Death burning everywhere and is home to the Ghostly Angel.

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