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The animal I wish to be but probably will never get (because I don't have enough skill and also because I'm not forking money into the game).

I will be inactive until idk when...

Why hello there <insert name here>. I am an EvoWorld.io player. I play on the North America servers as CosmicReaper. I am a noob at the game.

Wiki Stuff

I'm a content moderator on this wiki, so if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or insults please ask them on my message wall. Just don't spam, vandalize, or be mean on there. You can also ask Dominoes (though he is currently inactive) or Ovary if there's anything that requires an admin/bureaucrat or I'm unable to answer.

Enjoy your time here at EvoWorld.io wiki.

In Game Stuff

Please do not kill me if you see me in game (which of course means I'll get targeted), especially right after an update occurred, since I'll likely be collecting info for the wiki.

DO NOT TEAM! This is an FFA game. Looking straight at you FTL and XC. Trolling people is ok though.

Favorite Animals

  • Fly (the amount of skill I have, the only animal I've ever gotten)
  • Grim Reaper (the animal I wish I had, but don't have enough skill to get)

Account Info

Current Level: 18

Skins Owned: Demonic Reaper (Grim Reaper), Demonic Pumpkin

Effects Owned: Stars, Exploding Skull

Premium Account: No

Other Games I Play

Bonk.io (I'm actually good at this one)


Among Us

Plants Vs. Zombies



Other Wikis I'm Staff On

Florr.io Wiki (B-cat)

Official Florr.io Wiki (Founder, also, it's not an official wiki, it's simply a placeholder until this is ready to become the main wiki for the game).

Digdig.io Wiki (Founder)


  • Hopefully I don't get banned for it, but whenever a reward ad pops up (for gems or an XP bonus), just click on the x and you'll still get the bonus.

Leveling Up Guide

Having trouble getting to Grim Reaper? Don't know where to farm? Never fear, this guide will help you!

How to read this chart: For each animal, 3 options are provided. Each option shows the location you should go to for farming. The Risky option is the best for leveling up fast but doesn't leave that much cover against predators. It's good if you're pro or are on a low population server. The Safe option does not take into regard speed but chooses the best locations to hide from predators. The Normal option is a combination between the other two, allowing you to level up reasonably fast while also keeping cover nearby. You don't have to stick with one option the whole game; you can switch as needed, though they are designed to flow with each other. Finally, additional information important for leveling up safely is provided in Notes if needed.

A ditto mark (") means that this box contains the same information as above.

No matter which one you're using, it's generally a good idea to run away if a predator spots you.

Animal Risky Normal Safe Notes
Fly Nearest Food Nearest Food Nearest Food N/A
Butterfly " " " Your ability doesn't work, so don't rely on it to save you.
Mosquito " " " N/A
Wasp " " " N/A
Dragonfly " " " N/A
Pigeon " " Find food (preferably bread or worms) and use your ability, hide in a cloud until it recharges N/A
Duck " Lakes Ocean N/A
Blue Bird " " " N/A
Hen " " Clouds, then go to ground to lay eggs for XP Don't forget to touch the ground when your ability is ready
Parrot " " Jungle N/A
Stork Lakes/Swamp Lakes/Swamp Swamp N/A
Red Bird Head toward the ocean (the one by the desert), eating anything you see along on the way Head toward the ocean (the one by the desert), eating anything you see along on the way Head toward the ocean (the one by the desert), eating anything you see along on the way N/A
Pelican " " Ocean Avoid eating your last fish too deep so you can get out quickly
Turkey " " Ocean (the land beside it) Use your ability if you can, it could give free XP (only works on jungle and grassland soil)
Bat Castle by ocean Castle by ocean Pyramid Eat your last mouse above ground so your vision isn't hampered
Seagull Ocean Ocean Ocean Avoid eating your last fish too deep so you can get out quickly
Blackbird Castle by ocean Castle by ocean Castle by ocean N/A
Hornet Grasslands between Ocean and City Grasslands between Ocean and City Grasslands between Ocean and City N/A
Vulture Grasslands between Ocean and City Desert Desert N/A
Owl City Desert Pyramid N/A
Maroon Bird Grasslands between Swamp and City Jungle Grasslands N/A
Falcon Swamp Jungle Grasslands N/A
Eagle Grassland beside Arctic Ice Cave Grasslands N/A
Snowy Owl Underground Right Arctic Ice Cave Icebergs Be very vigilant of predators from this point on
Hawk Ice Castle " Grasslands N/A
Raven Ice Cave " Grasslands N/A
Mad Bat Ice Castle " Underground Sewage Plant N/A
Pterodactyl Child Jungle Jungle Jungle Do not evolve if predators are close by
Pterodactyl Arctic, then Swamp Grasslands Jungle Most dangerous animal, run away instantly at the sight of predators
Swamp Monster Swamp Swamp Desert (lake on right) You have a favorable matchup against Demonic Imps if you play it correctly and don't get unlucky.
Stone Eater Demonic Demonic Demonic Don't evolve until you reach the Demonic biome or you'll lose your protective ability early
Demonic Egg Eater " " " N/A
Demonic Bat " " " N/A
Demonic Imp Ice Castle and Ice Cave Ice Castle and Ice Cave Jungle and Desert N/A
Dragon " Grasslands Underground N/A
Phoenix " Underground " N/A
Cosmic Insect Nearest Food Nearest Food Nearest Food Preferably, eat at Cosmic Islands on the far left and right sides, this will help later
Cosmic Big Eye " " " "
Cosmic Angry Eye Cosmic Islands Cosmic Islands Cosmic Islands (avoid Cosmic Big Insect) Use surrounding entities to replenish your health if you want to eat the Cosmic Big Insect
Cosmic Bat " " Cosmic Islands N/A
Ghost Graveyard Graveyard Graveyard Do not evolve if a reaper is camping you out, also, feel free to go AFK
Ghostly Reaper Arctic Underground/Lakes Grasslands N/A
Pumpkin Graveyard Graveyard Graveyard N/A
Pumpkin Ghost Arctic Lakes/Pyramid Grasslands N/A
Grim Reaper Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! You did it! If you're daring, kill the Demonic Angel