The animal I wish to be but probably will never get (because I don't have enough skill and also because I'm not forking money into the game).

Why hello there <insert name here>. I am a player. I play on the North America servers as CosmicReaper. I am a noob at the game.

Apparently I forgot to say this. I am on hiatus at the moment. I will update the bonus codes when needed and make edits if an update occurs (aka never).

I'm also a content moderator on this wiki, so if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or insults please ask them on my message wall. Just don't spam, vandalize, or be mean (unless it's to me).

You can also ask Dominoes if there's anything that requires an admin/bureaucrat or I'm unable to answer.

Enjoy your time here at wiki. Please do not kill me if you see me in game (which of course means I'll get targeted). Instead, help me kill the Demonic Angel.

If I see you using a premium account or skins, I will kill you! Be warned!

If you help me kill teamers, I will spare you.

Play I am good at it.

Also, if you can, help out wiki.

Favorite Animals

  • Fly (the amount of skill I have, the only animal I've ever gotten)
  • Grim Reaper (the animal I wish I had, but don't have enough skill to get)

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