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The Electric Reaper is an animal in Evoworld.io and the forty-seventh stage a player can achieve. You can spawn in as this animal with a level 45 account or higher.

Food Chain Status

Reapers always get 20% of their prey's XP and is not boosted by XP bonuses.

Note: Asterisk '*' means the Electric Reaper can either eat or be eaten by this animal, '#' means that the Electric Reaper will not gain exp from the creature, '^' means that the Electric Reaper cannot reach the place where this creature exists, and '\' means the animal is reachable, but only with glitches.


Skill name

Shock scythe




After the scythe attack, the victim (players only) is shocked for 1.5 seconds (similar to the Demonic Bat's Fear). You also glow in the dark (with a radius similar to a torch's).

Damage output

35% of the prey’s max health (excluding Demonic Angel, when it will do little damage, albeit more significant than Grim Reaper's).

Cooldown time

0.5 seconds (for the scythe attack), 15 seconds (for the shock)

Hidden effect

You have full vision in the dark. You can quench your thirst in the Fire of Death.


  • This isn't real ofc, it's just an idea I had from thinking about what could be after a Grim Reaper.
  • This is not finished yet (You can add suggestions on what should I write on Strategies & Tips and how the sprite will look like) :)